Marvin and Anne Whiteman - Red Bluff, California

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Views of our area

A resident captures the beauty around her

River Park

(Above)Red Bluff River Park
October, 1985
(Below) On Kimball Road,
Looking north. The lights of
Red Bluff are visable in the

These beautiful photos were made in 1985 by a resident. Here you see a wonderful sunset over Highway 36 East. Just one of the spectacular views we still enjoy. We live out and off of 36 West, which eventually leads to the Northern California Coast.

Hiway 36 E

Kimball Road

Our fresh, clear air provides
many lovely vistas.

Beautiful Red Bluff Oaks

We are noted for our oak trees. But as you climb in elevation, the pines begin to peek through. This is probably on the way to Lassen Park via Highway 36E

Sunset on 36E

Sunset on Highway 36 East